CyberKongz Introduces 'The Klaw' to Its Play and Kollect Ecosystem

CyberKongz Introduces 'The Klaw' to Its Play and Kollect Ecosystem
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CyberKongz upgraded its "Play and Kollect" gaming ecosystem with the addition of "The Klaw," an expansion game that introduces craftings into the CyberKongz's economy for the first time.

The Klaw requires a Golden Ticket, which can be collected through the gaming ecosystem in the form of full tickets and Shredz (pieces of Golden Tickets). The Golden Ticket is inserted into The Klaw machine, and then a randomized NFT is awarded to the player. The reward comes from a pool of more than 1,300 NFTs selected by the CyberKongz community. 

There are 420 total Golden Tickets and 7,170 Shredz to be found. Ten Shredz and 20,000 Kongium can be used to craft a Golden Ticket. 

This new gaming element is intended to convince players to deplete their daily Fuel Rods and BANANA token rewards.

The Klaw also helps introduce CyberKongz holders to other NFT collections.

"While building an interactive and fair protocol for the distribution of NFTs and other tokens through Play & Kollect, we always wanted to expand the functionality by adding a way to distribute NFTs from other collections," the team wrote in its announcement. "The answer: The Klaw!"

"With our first expansion of Play & Kollect we have introduced an element of community into our game," the team continued. "CyberKongz have always believed that communities are the heart and soul of Web3. The Klaw will introduce CyberKongz to new communities and new communities to CyberKongz."

Remaining prizes can be found on The Klaw's official website. For example, there are 15 Genesis CyberKongz, 55 Baby Kongz, 300 CyberKongz VX, and 20 Meebits currently remaining, according to an image on the team's announcement. 

The Klaw experience takes place on the Ethereum Mainnet, and Golden Tickets, which are ERC-1155s on Polygon, will need to be bridged.

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