CyberKongz Shares Pre-Runes Distribution Mechanics

CyberKongz Shares Pre-Runes Distribution Mechanics
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CyberKongz shared its Prometheans Pre-Runes collection distribution mechanics and details as it begins selecting Ordinals communities for exclusive access. 

The Deets

  • Collection Details: Prometheans, a symbol of pioneering spirit, aligns with Bitcoin's ethos of innovation and experimentation.
  • Targeted Distribution: Airdrop targets communities that embody the Ordinals spirit, utilizing advanced Diamond Hand Weighting.
  • Technology Partnership: Ordinals Bot collaborates to deploy a unique script that prioritizes long-term holders.
  • Supply and Accessibility: 21,000 units available for free, ensuring broad community engagement.

The Bulk

CyberKongz is rewarding those who have supported the Ordinals ecosystem with 85% of its upcoming Prometheans Pre-Runes airdrop. Using a Diamond Hand Weighting system, developed in partnership with Ordinals Bot, it assesses community members based on their commitment to holding Ordinal inscriptions. This method ensures that those who have demonstrated long-term faith in the vision of Ordinals are rewarded.

Selected communities, chosen for their alignment with core values of innovation and experimentation, will soon find themselves with exposure to Prometheans. 

The initiative uses a bespoke script that pulls data points such as wallet addresses, inscription details, and the last transfer timestamps to determine eligibility, highlighting a technical innovation in how airdrops are targeted and executed.

📊 By the Numbers

21,000 Prometheans will be available, 85% of which are going to existing Ordinals communities with 15% bookmarked for CyberKongz holders. 

🎤 Community Quotes

Being a part of Prometheans will show that you represent the adventurous, boundary-pushing spirit that Bitcoin embraces.CyberKongz

🔜 What's Next?

Thus far, CyberKongz has announced Runestones and Ordinal Miners as exclusive access recipients for Prometheans. More announcements are expected shortly. 

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