CyberKongz Moves Original 2D Art On-Chain

CyberKongz Moves Original 2D Art On-Chain
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CyberKongz is moving all its original 2D art on-chain with the help of the community-led project OnChain Kongz, according to a recent Discord announcement.

CypherLabz helped to create OnChain Kongz, and it has since been recognized by the CyberKongz team.

CyberKongz is also adding features to another community-led project, Wrapped Genesis Kongz, which was originally developed as a liquidity protocol for the team's Genesis collection. The liquidity protocols are now all on-chain, too.

0xlnuarashi helped create Wrapped Genesis Kongz.

"Wrapped Genesis Kongz and OnChain Kongz are projects that were developed by community members, and we're happy to announce that these tools have been further enhanced," wrote Henry the Grape.

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