Decagon by Golid and Deca NFTs

Decagon by Golid and Deca NFT Overview

Project Information

Decagon is the infinitely evolving, always unique, and eternally open membership token of the Decaverse, designed by Kjetil Golid (@kGolid).

The Decagon NFT was a free mint, only requiring the gas to perform the mint transaction on Ethereum. For the initial launch, Decagons were only minted by Octagon holders.

Decagons can be upgraded with each new level making changes to each Decagon’s appearance with a (theoretically) infinite number of levels. With the initial launch, Decagons are capped at Level 10, however, the cap will be lifted later on.

Decagons are the ultimate membership token, created to facilitate a vast and global user base. The minting of Decagons will continue forever, with no maximum supply.