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Decagon by Golid and Deca Sees Massive Volume Spike Today
Jason Bales

Decagon by Golid and Deca, which was free to mint by Octagon holders, saw a massive spike in volume today with more than 1,300 sales and more than 125 ETH in total volume. That's an increase of 12,400 percent in volume and more than 4,000 percent in sales.

The project's floor price also rose to 0.01 ETH, a 180 percent increase in the last 24 hours, according to Lucky Traders Project Rankings. 

The project recently posted a thread on its stance on CC0 and why it is embracing it.

"The Deca symbol (Decal) and Decagon are now released under CC0," the post reads. "Then, artist after artist, week after week, we create CC0 art that proves our belief. Starting with Kjetil Golid's 100 mint of the Decal."

Moonbirds recently released its project and Moonbirds Oddities under CC0 today, and Twitter had mixed reactions.

"So what exactly is the point of owning an NFT under a CC0 license compared to say, having it right-click saved on your PC," NFT personality Pranksy asked. "I want my ownership represented, either under commercial or personal use rights. I don't want extremist groups using it and having no grounds to fight."

But Deca disagrees.

"We believe with all conviction that CC0 is the right license model for crypto," the team wrote on Twitter. "And that's why we're taking this irreversible step, freeing the Decal to be a symbol of permissionless creativity."

So far, so good for Decagon by Golid and Deca at least according to the secondary marketplace.

Decagon by Golid and Deca Sees Massive Volume Spike Today