Lucréce Announces Defy Mosaics Perks

Lucréce Announces Defy Mosaics Perks
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Defy Mosaics holders can expect monthly "Monster Editions" drops in the near future, according to project founder and artist Lucréce.

❗ Why It Matters

Lucréce continues to reward top holders with more of their art. Defy Monsters were originally gifted to holders of complete Proceed w/ Caution sets earlier this month, and many of these same holders will now be further rewarded with access to future drops.

🔍 The Deets

  • Lucréce said today's announcement (Phase 4) was supposed to come later in the roadmap, but Phase 3 is taking longer than anticipated.
  • Moving forward, editions will be airdropped to "X" number of top holders, where X represents 10% of the edition's supply.
  • Lucréce plans to add more gamification elements in future drops "as we get the train rolling."
  • The first drop may come as soon as this month.

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