DI Animals NFTs

DI Animals NFT Overview

Project Information

Digital Animals is a collection of 8,888 generative digital animals created by Igor.

Igor is a digital artist with more than 12 years of experience experimenting with real physical phenomena, synthesizing materials, and catching dispersion.

Each digital animal has a unique digital "soul" that is generated based on your wallet and a sentimental analysis of your Twitter. More than 20 Twitter and wallet metrics are used to generate each digital animal soul.

Each Digital Animals NFT can be used in the upcoming game, an authentic world comprised of Earth, Water, and Air. Random crystals appear in the world, and users must collect them. The crystals can be burned to mint new legendary animals. 

The team consists of 14 core members: Alexander Zimin (blockchain and security expert), Icki (creative architect), Evgenii (CTO), Ira K. (project manager), Sasha Kravets (UX designer), Maraton (designer), Ivan (frontend developer), Valentin (backend developer), Petr (game scriptwriter), Vladislav Trotsenko (level concept artist), Sergey (level designer), Alex K. (UE developer), Emil (UE FX developer), and Sasha Z. (3D animator).