DigiDaigaku Founder Confirms Airdrop This Week

DigiDaigaku Founder Confirms Airdrop This Week
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DigiDaigaku founder Gabriel Leydon confirmed that a previously teased airdrop will indeed take place this week. 

The airdrop will be the second overall for DigiDaigaku holders, but the "first of three" upcoming airdrops according to Leydon. 

Most recently, holders were airdropped DigiDaigaku Spirits NFTs (6.70 ETH floor). Those NFTs then were granted the ability to "quest" and transform into DigiDaigaku Hero NFTs

No official details of the airdrop were provided at the time of Leydon's tweet, though Lucky Trader will update holders when more information is available. 

Since the airdropped was confirmed, no DigiDaigaku Genesis, Spirits, or Hero NFTs have traded on the secondary market. 


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