DigiDaigaku Spirits NFTs

DigiDaigaku Spirits NFT Overview

Project Information

DigiDaigaku Spirits is a collection of 2,022 mystical NFTs created by Limit Break on the Ethereum blockchain. Spirits represent the second collection within the DigiDaigaku ecosystem. Each DigiDaigaku Spirit NFT acts as a core ingredient in creating a DigiDaigaku Hero for use in the DigiDaigaku ecosystem. There are three different DigiDaigaku Hero bloodlines that can be created from a DigiDaigaku Spirit, depending on how the Spirit is used. Holders can use a DigiDaigaku Spirit by itself to create a Rogue Hero, which ultimately yields extremely random rewards. Spirits can also be combined with DigiDaigakus to create either a Warrior or Royal Hero. Warrior Heros are created when the DigiDaigaku Spirit is combined with a DigiDaigaku of a different bloodline. Royal Heroes are created when a Spirit is combined with a DigiDaigaku of the same bloodline. Royal Heroes ultimately yield the greatest rewards.