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Limit Break Introduces Creator Token Contracts
Julian Son

Limit Break CEO Gabriel Leydon announced the introduction of creator token contracts as a solution for enforceable on-chain royalties and programmable royalty contracts.

❗ Why It Matters

Projects can utilize the Creator Token Contract, ERC721-C, to control the transfer of NFTs between wallets, and it's designed to enforce royalties and ensure NFT creators are paid for their work.

ERC721-C eliminates workarounds and makes on-chain royalties enforceable through the use of transfer security policies that allow creators to decide how permissive token transfers are for their own collections, which will open the door to new forms of royalties that can reward both creators, communities, partners, and affiliates.

The Details

  • Limit Break is open-sourcing a new augmentation to the ERC721 standard, ERC721-C (C for Creator).
  • Programmable royalties contract V1.1: On-chain royalty settings on a per NFT basis capable of programmable payments, splits, derivatives, and more. For example, the original minter of an NFT could theoretically receive 100% of the royalties from that individual NFT in perpetuity.
  • Smart contract whitelisting options and capabilities: Developers have the option to control which smart contracts can interact with the NFT. This will allow developers to permanently block any exchange or smart contract so that there are no workarounds.
  • Creator Token Contracts are compatible with various token types, including ERC721, ERC721-A, AdventureERC-721, and ERC1155.
  • Limit Break open-sourced the Adventure ERC721 standard for community use, which offers hard and soft staking mechanics and parallel questing. Staking rules are implemented in one or more external adventure contracts for increased flexibility.
  • Gabe added the disclaimer that Limit Break hasn't determined how it plans to use ERC721-C for its own NFT collections yet.

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Limit Break Introduces Creator Token Contracts
DigiDaigaku Bitcoin Ordinals Coming Soon
Julian Son

DigiDaigaku Bitcoin Ordinals are coming soon, according to @DigiDaigaku's tweet yesterday.

The Details

  • Snapshot to be taken on Monday, May 1st, of the Ethereum blockchain on block 17164466
  • If you have a DigiDaigaku Genesis at that time, you will be eligible for a free Chibi BTC version of your Digi.

Why It Matters

DigiDaigaku's Chibi Genesis collection will be Limit Break's first foray into the world of Bitcoin Ordinals, and other projects will consider following a similar blueprint if this new collection on Bitcoin turns out to be a success.

The Genesis collection isn't cheap and holds a 3.77 ETH floor price at the time of writing, but it's a nice development for Genesis holders that they can receive a Chibi Bitcoin Ordinal for free.

🎬 Take Action

  • If you hold a DigiDaigaku Genesis, the ETH snapshot will occur at approximately 3:00 a.m. ET on Monday, May 1, 2023.
  • Make sure your Genesis is in a hot wallet, not a multi-sig wallet like Safe (previously known as Gnosis Safe).
  • If it is in a smart contract wallet like Gnosis, the recommendation is to delegate to a hot wallet using If you don’t, then ownership can't be verified, and you won’t receive your Ordinal.

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DigiDaigaku Bitcoin Ordinals Coming Soon
Digi Dragons Begin Transformation
Bill Monighetti

DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs, a collection that was dropped by Limit Break during Super Bowl LVII, have begun transforming, the team announced via Twitter this afternoon.

🔎The Details

The Dragon Eggs become Baby Dragons, which come in one of eight types: Terra, Arctic, Lightning, Astro, Fire, Luna, Sea, Sky, Spirit and Forest. Upon revealing a Baby Dragon, the corresponding Dragon Egg NFT will be burned. On the news, the collection's floor price is up nearly 9% on Blur, currently 0.09 ETH at the time of writing.

⚡ Take Action

To reveal a Dragon Egg, holders can follow these steps:

  1. Head to and connect your wallet.
  2. Click "Start Quest."
  3. Once your Dragon Eggs appear, click on them one-by-one to reveal individually, or more multiple into your cart for a bulk reveal. If you have more than one Egg, revealing in bulk is encouraged to reduce gas fees.
  4. Follow the MetaMask prompts and click "Reveal."

🎤 Founder Feedback

Your Baby Dragons have arrived! Go check yours out! They're so cute!!! Great job on the designs @illosbyhoon. Will you use your Dragon Essence to make a Giant Dragon? The choice arrives soon!Gabriel Leydon

Digi Dragons Begin Transformation
DigiDaigaku Commercial...Boom or Bust?
Staff Writer

The DigiDaigaku Super Bowl ad ran early in the first quarter of the Super Bowl, linking first to a Digi Dragons mint and then a QR code to founder Gabriel Leydon's Twitter account. 

🧐 Wait, What?

Miss the ad? You can rewatch it here.

❗Why It Matters

Limit Break founder Gabriel Leydon has been touting the exclusivity and importance of the DigiDaigaku Super Bowl ad and its ability to provide awareness and exposure to millions of new viewers. By all accounts, the ad ran as intended, linking to a DigiDragon Egg mint and then Gabe Leydon's Twitter through which new users can learn about the DigiDaigaku ecosystem. 

📊 By the Numbers

The DigiDragon Eggs collection has quickly opened to a floor price of 0.39 ETH. 

🎤 Community Quotes

The community has had mixed reactions.

Iryna Sofia Hrubiy: "the QR code definitely just took me here directly what kind of ploy is this."

Kongsy.eth: "Epic commercial.  Epic marketing"

🎬 Take Action

Those who missed the ad can still gain access to DigiDaigaku Dragons by interacting with this tweet from Gabe

DigiDaigaku Commercial...Boom or Bust?
DigiDaigaku Potion Crafting Live

DigiDaigaku announced the launch of potion crafting on Tuesday night, with users able to create Villain and Super Villain potions utilizing their Dark Hero and Spirit NFTs. 

The combinations of NFTs burned to create the potion produce different outputs, with varying levels of classes and attributes. A recipe list is available on DigiDaigaku's website, which provides guidance on what users can expect when crafting their potion. 

Villains will be broken into different classes based on their strength, with the following structure:

  • MYTHIC (Best Super Villain)
  • OYABUN (Super Villain)
  • SAIKO-KOMON (Super Villain)
  • WAKAGASHIRA (Super Villain)
  • SHATEIGASHIRA (Super Villain)
  • KYODAI (upgraded Villain)
  • KOBUN (base Villain)

The class of Villain created will impact the levels of future attributes, according to the site. Teased attributes include weapons, calligraphy, and enhancements:

Full details on potion crafting can be found here, and holders can begin the Quest on the DigiDaigaku homepage.



DigiDaigaku Potion Crafting Live
DigiDaigaku Dark Spirits Reveal

DigiDaigaku founder Gabriel Leydon announced the reveal of the Genesis and Hero Dark Spirits on Thursday.

The Dark Spirits collection holds a 0.65 ETH floor, with only one sale post-reveal. Leydon hinted that the NFTs will soon be burned to create potions, which upgrade Villains into Super Villains. 

The project also announced a reveal competition on Thursday, encouraging users to post their Dark Spirits on Twitter for a chance to win a 1/1 commissioned art piece.

The reveal comes on the heels of parent company Limit Break's recent Super Bowl announcement, with a free DigiDaigaku Dragon mint coming via QR Code during the globally-televised game. 

DigiDaigaku Dark Spirits Reveal
What's Next for DigiDaigaku?
Staff Writer

DigiDaigaku leader and Limit Break co-founder Gabe Leydon provided an update on what's next for the DigiDaigaku ecosystem, in a tweet Wednesday night.

There are 4 major items upcoming:

  • A collab with Ether Orcs (with another adventure key airdrop)
  • Reveal of the Digi Genesis Spirits and Hero Dark Spirits
  • Release of the Dark Spirit crafting recipe list for potions
  • A Villains WhiteList process for DAOs and Groups

He also promised more coming soon.

The DigiDaigaku caught some new whale backing during a late Tuesday evening Twitter Spaces, where Gabe came on and spoke during a time of major volatility and picked up new fans (holders) in Deeze, Farokh, and Soby. 

The floor prices did take a hit in yesterday's market fallout though, with the DigiDaigaku Genesis floor at 10.8 ETH (-6% on the week), the Digi Spirits at 5.5 ETH (-25%), and the Digi Heroes at 3.4 ETH (-42%).

What's Next for DigiDaigaku?
DigiDaigaku Announces Super Bowl Contest Details
Staff Writer

Not even two weeks after announcing it would be running an advertisement for the project during the Super Bowl where two holders will have their NFT featured in the commercial, DigiDaigaku announced the official rules to enter the contest in a recent post.

Of the two winners, one holder will get to select their DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT to be featured in the ad while the other winner will get to select their DigiDaigaku Hero.

The contest where DigiDaigaku holders will be competing against each other will be a pumpkin carving contest. Holders can choose to carve either Gabriel Leydon, the founder of the project, their DigiDaigaku Genesis or DigiDaigaku Hero into the pumpkin to enter the contest.

Users must tweet a picture of themselves with the pumpkin and tag the official DigiDaigaku account as well as Leydon's Twitter account. The winner of the contest will be selected by Leydon.

The contest is now live and is set to close off entries on Oct. 31 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

DigiDaigaku Announces Super Bowl Contest Details
DigiDaigaku Adventure Key Holders Eligible for Castaways Airdrop
Staff Writer

Gabriel Leydon, the CEO of Limit Break, the creators of DigiDaigaku, announced that holders of a DigiDaigaku Adventure Key could be eligible for the project's upcoming airdrop with Castaways according to a recent post.

Holders of the Adventure Key "on a quest at the end of the event will be whitelisted for Castaways' upcoming airdrop of 10K Treasure Chests" says Leydon.

Following the announcement, there was a handful of market participants who bought the NFT that now sits at a floor price of 0.459 ETH, up from 0.36 ETH according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

DigiDaigaku Adventure Key Holders Eligible for Castaways Airdrop
DigiDaigaku Founder Confirms Airdrop This Week
Logan Hitchcock

DigiDaigaku founder Gabriel Leydon confirmed that a previously teased airdrop will indeed take place this week. 

The airdrop will be the second overall for DigiDaigaku holders, but the "first of three" upcoming airdrops according to Leydon. 

Most recently, holders were airdropped DigiDaigaku Spirits NFTs (6.70 ETH floor). Those NFTs then were granted the ability to "quest" and transform into DigiDaigaku Hero NFTs

No official details of the airdrop were provided at the time of Leydon's tweet, though Lucky Trader will update holders when more information is available. 

Since the airdropped was confirmed, no DigiDaigaku Genesis, Spirits, or Hero NFTs have traded on the secondary market. 


DigiDaigaku Founder Confirms Airdrop This Week