DigiDaigaku Bitcoin Ordinals Coming Soon

DigiDaigaku Bitcoin Ordinals Coming Soon
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DigiDaigaku Bitcoin Ordinals are coming soon, according to @DigiDaigaku's tweet yesterday.

The Details

  • Snapshot to be taken on Monday, May 1st, of the Ethereum blockchain on block 17164466
  • If you have a DigiDaigaku Genesis at that time, you will be eligible for a free Chibi BTC version of your Digi.

Why It Matters

DigiDaigaku's Chibi Genesis collection will be Limit Break's first foray into the world of Bitcoin Ordinals, and other projects will consider following a similar blueprint if this new collection on Bitcoin turns out to be a success.

The Genesis collection isn't cheap and holds a 3.77 ETH floor price at the time of writing, but it's a nice development for Genesis holders that they can receive a Chibi Bitcoin Ordinal for free.

🎬 Take Action

  • If you hold a DigiDaigaku Genesis, the ETH snapshot will occur at approximately 3:00 a.m. ET on Monday, May 1, 2023.
  • Make sure your Genesis is in a hot wallet, not a multi-sig wallet like Safe (previously known as Gnosis Safe).
  • If it is in a smart contract wallet like Gnosis, the recommendation is to delegate to a hot wallet using delegate.cash. If you don’t, then ownership can't be verified, and you won’t receive your Ordinal.

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