DigiDaigaku Potion Crafting Live

DigiDaigaku Potion Crafting Live
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DigiDaigaku announced the launch of potion crafting on Tuesday night, with users able to create Villain and Super Villain potions utilizing their Dark Hero and Spirit NFTs. 

The combinations of NFTs burned to create the potion produce different outputs, with varying levels of classes and attributes. A recipe list is available on DigiDaigaku's website, which provides guidance on what users can expect when crafting their potion. 

Villains will be broken into different classes based on their strength, with the following structure:

  • MYTHIC (Best Super Villain)
  • OYABUN (Super Villain)
  • SAIKO-KOMON (Super Villain)
  • WAKAGASHIRA (Super Villain)
  • SHATEIGASHIRA (Super Villain)
  • KYODAI (upgraded Villain)
  • KOBUN (base Villain)

The class of Villain created will impact the levels of future attributes, according to the site. Teased attributes include weapons, calligraphy, and enhancements:

Full details on potion crafting can be found here, and holders can begin the Quest on the DigiDaigaku homepage.



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