Founder Announces New DigiDaigaku Collection: Villains

Founder Announces New DigiDaigaku Collection: Villains
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DigiDaigaku is creating a 10,000-edition collection of Villain NFTs, Limit Break co-founder Gabriel Leydon tweeted Monday, amid an airdrop to DigiDaigaku Genesis and Hero NFT holders.

DigiDaigaku Genesis and Hero (Royal and Warrior) NFT holders will receive two Dark Spirit NFTs in today's airdrop and Rouge Heroes will receive one Dark Spirit — airdrops that will allow holders to mutate the upcoming Villain NFTs.

"Villains become Super Villains when they are mixed with a potion! There will not be enough potions for everyone. It will be up to the collectors of Genesis and Heroes to decide what to do with their potions," said Leydon. "The potions will greatly effect (sic) the traits of the Villains! What potions are made and how many will be available to Villains will be entirely up to the Genesis and Hero collectors! Will they keep them and maintain their bloodlines? I think many will!"

DigiDaigaku Genesis and Hero holders will receive an allowlist spot to mint the Villians. The rest will be a free mint. There are currently a combined 3,840 Genesis and Hero NFTs.

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