Gabe Spills More on Upcoming Digi Mint

Gabe Spills More on Upcoming Digi Mint
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Gabriel Leydon announced a contest is coming to determine a limited set of allowlist spots for the upcoming DigiDragons mint that will take place on Super Bowl Sunday.

Gabe's Gabs:


Dragons are minting live this Super Bowl, February 12th during the Digi commercial! Your chance to secure your @DigiDaigaku Dragon in the most exclusive mint of all time is coming next week! YOU MUST: FOLLOW ME RETWEET THIS TWEET BEFORE THE CONTEST BEGINS!Gabriel Leydon

Why It Matters: Though the Super Bowl commercial will be viewed by millions, only a few thousand will have the ability to mint a DigiDragons NFT. After hearing from the community Leydon is offering some exclusive allowlist spots to individuals ahead of the Super Bowl commercial airing, ensuring that some lucky users will not be at the mercy of speed of their devices on Super Bowl night. 

Action Items: Users must retweet the linked tweet and follow Gabriel Leydon for a chance to be entered into the contest, and subsequently receive an allowlist for the DigiDragons mint. 

What's Next: Next week Leydon is expected to share more information on the upcoming allowlist contest. 

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