Doodles Seeks to Revolutionize the Doodlebank

Doodles Seeks to Revolutionize the Doodlebank
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Doodles is seeking to transform its Doodlebank with a focus on community empowerment and holder rewards, streamlining funding and improving governance according to an amendment posted by the project. 

The Deets:

The new Doodlebank will: 

  • Appoint a founding community council and establish governance.
  • Remove $100k commercial license cap for approved projects.
  • Improve oversight and communication.
  • Replace snapshot proposal voting with council and team approval.
  • Remove quorum requirements and align incentives strategically.

The Details

Doodlebank is appointing a founding community council to streamline funding and establish effective governance. This council will be responsible for community budget planning, proposal vetting, and communicating Doodlebank progress to the community. They will also help plan the rewards program roadmap, offering valuable input on the product roadmap.

Removing the $100k commercial license cap for revenues derived from projects executed under approved Doodlebank proposals will allow community members to think more creatively and pursue opportunities that complement or strengthen the Doodles team's efforts. Replacing snapshot proposal voting with community council and Doodles team approval, as well as removing quorum requirements, will better align incentives between holders and the core team, enabling the strategic distribution of Doodlebank funds.

Why It Matters

This transformation of Doodlebank introduces a critical potential pivot in the relationship between Doodles and its community. By focusing on community empowerment and holder rewards, the Doodlebank is encouraging the development of new projects and ideas, which can contribute to the overall success of the Doodles brand and the NFT space. Streamlining the funding process and improving governance will enable quicker and more efficient deployment of resources, benefiting both individual creators and the entire ecosystem. These changes can serve as a model for other NFT projects, promoting a more sustainable and collaborative environment within the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and NFTs.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We are excited to propose a better Doodlebank and eager to hear your feedback!Poopie

🎬 Take Action

If you are interested in becoming a member of the founding community council, keep an eye on the Doodles forum for announcements about the nomination process, application submissions, and campaigning opportunities.

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