Poopie: We Are No Longer an 'NFT Project'

Poopie: We Are No Longer an 'NFT Project'
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Doodles co-founder, Jordan Castro, responded to a request for refund in the Doodles Discord indicating that Doodles is no longer just "an NFT project," and would not spend resources simply to appease those with financial motivations. 

❗Why It Matters

The message has circulated NFT Twitter with a frenzy since late last night, sparking conversations about an NFT project's obligations to its holders. Doodles has long been criticized for its poor communication, and despite indicating that it wished to dramatically improve in that department, the community remains restless amidst price fallout and a perceived tone-deafnesses regarding the Doodles Sockpiling announcement. It feels like Doodles is reaching an inflection point, similar to PROOF, in what may lead to a turnover of its existing holder base to a set of collectors more appropriately aligned with its intentions to be "a leading media franchise." 

🎤Community Quotes

The @doodles team paid themselves millions in royalties during the bull run and pocketed millions more when VCs invested. Now they don't care about anyone with financial motivation (basically every NFT collector) because they are building something bigger than NFTs. 🤦Konger.eth

📊 By the Numbers

The Doodles floor price is down to 3.71 ETH, a decline of 27 percent in the last seven days.

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