Prepare To Open Doodles 2 Genesis Boxes on March 31st

Prepare To Open Doodles 2 Genesis Boxes on March 31st

Doodles tweeted a link to the Genesis Box site, where holders can go to prepare ahead of the box opening date on March 31st.

❗ Why It Matters

March 31st is Genesis Box day, and opening boxes is generally a time for excitement. But the box reveal was previously slated for February, and it certainly feels like sentiment about the project and towards the team has been on a downward trend for awhile now.

This is a moment of truth for the Doodles team, which has been under fire in recent weeks for poor communication and a perceived inability to deliver tangible value to holders. Poopie's callous remarks certainly didn't help matters.

The Deets

  • Each Genesis Box includes two wearables and a Beta Pass. The box burns upon opening.
    • "One Wearable will be an Exclusive while the other will be an Exclusive, a Grail or a 1 of 1."
  • Beta Pass is an early access key to Doodles 2. Using a Dooplicator will also unbox a Beta Pass.
  • There are 201 unique Wearables in total that can be collected and used in Doodles 2.
  • The Wearables are a randomized mix of items, including headwear, accessories, tops, bottoms, and footwear.
  • Once opened, your Wearables will be available in your Flow wallet. You can buy, sell, and explore more Doodles 2 Wearables on the Gaia Marketplace.

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