Notable Artists to Lead End of Sartoshi Claims

Notable Artists to Lead End of Sartoshi Claims
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End of Sartoshi has announced details on their first curated collections for End of Sartoshi holders in a Monday tweet

โ— Why It Matters

Holders will be able to enter a raffle via PREMINT in order to get a chance to mint one of the pieces out of the curated collection, "Life Death & Cryptoart." Each piece will consist of multiple artworks with a limited supply of only 300. Based on the newly released lineup of artists it seems there will be one mint per month with the first artist, Patrick Amadon, taking the February slot. 

The Deets

Amadon will be followed by Pop Wonder, and though unannounced, four consecutive months of Superrare artists. 

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action

Holders can enter the raffle for the first drop on PREMINT. Holders with multiple End of Sartoshi NFTs can earn multiple entries. 

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

The End of Sartoshi floor price increased by 75 percent over the last week to 0.072 whilst generating more than five times the volume from the previous week. 

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