End Of Sartoshi Raffle Winners Selected

End Of Sartoshi Raffle Winners Selected
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Winners of the End of Sartoshi's first guest artwork "Life Death & Cryptoart" have been chosen and notified according to a Twitter post made by Sartoshi.

❗Why It Matters

Though the claim is limited (only 300 NFTs), the chances of receiving the allowlist were much greater than initially expected. Only around 2,700 individuals completed the PREMINT application process, a significant decrease from the near 17,000 total collectors of End of Sartoshi. The first available NFT is from notable artist Patrick Amadon and the next upcoming drop will be from the artist, Pop Wonder. 

The Deets

The claim will be via a Manifold claim page and is expected to be posted on Friday, Feb. 10 around noon ET. According to Sartoshi, "there will be plenty of time to claim." 

🎬 Take Action

Holders can check to see if they won an allowlist via the PREMINT. 

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