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EtherOrcs Halt Development
Bill Monighetti

The EtherOrcs project is halting new development, according to a tweet last night from co-founder @poof_eth.

❗Why It Matters

EtherOrcs was one of the early web3 gaming projects to gain traction when it dropped in October of 2021. Since then, the EtherOrcs Genesis collection has generated over 6,200 ETH in secondary trading volume on OpenSea.

🧠 Need to Know

  • EtherOrcs originally dropped as a free mint with no monetization.
  • According to poof, the project has taken in less than 400 ETH in royalties.
  • EtherOrcs claims to have created the "on-chain gaming category" and was one of the few projects to offer a playable game to date.
  • The team has explored funding options, but poof noted that "a project like ours is difficult for investors and adventure capitalists [sic] to understand."
  • Poof says the team opted not to sell a new collection in order to raise funds, as that path does not align with the team's ethics.

🔜 What's Next?

  • The project will transition to CC0 so that others can build using EtherOrcs assets and IP.
  • Because EtherOrcs are fully on-chain, poof says there is opportunity for the "community to build on the base assets and find new ways of engaging with the project."

🎤 Community Feedback

So much respect for you, the team and the EtherOrcs community. The project represents a spirit that is essential to this space. Thank you for everything.bearsnake_21

Im sorry to hear this. You guys worked really hard. Please keep making games in web3. We need dedicated developers making cool things. Let us know what your next adventure is.RealJonahBlake


EtherOrcs Halt Development
DigiDaigaku, EtherOrcs Airdrop Coming Soon
Logan Hitchcock

DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT holders should expect an airdrop soon, according to a tweet from the project. 

The airdrop is part of the newly formed collaboration and partnership with EtherOrcs, a dungeon-based gaming NFT project. 

The airdrop will consist of one DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key EtherOrcs, which when staked, allows the holder to use a DigiDaigaku character within the EtherOrcs game. Each playable character will have unique stats and abilities, which are described in detail in the EtherOrcs breakdown. 

After the airdrop, an official collaboration event will commence (sometime this week according to Gabriel Leydon) in two separate phases.

Phase one will allow EtherOrcs NFT holders to storm a "Digi Dungeon" up to 1,000 times for exclusive loot held within a "Digi Chest."

Phase two will allow Adventure Key EtherOrcs airdrop holders to crawl into a new EtherOrcs dungeon for additional prizes, which will be usable in the EtherOrcs gaming system. 

Want to experience the upcoming gameplay? You can do so via the EtherOrcs demo

DigiDaigaku, EtherOrcs Airdrop Coming Soon
Play-to-Earn Weekly | Ethernal Elves Protocol LP Launch, EtherOrcs Updates, and MORE
Connor Melhorn

EtherOrcs Dungeons Launch and Game Loop

EtherOrcs has been ramping up marketing and collaboration campaigns as they close in on the upcoming release of EtherOrcs Dungeons.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate and Kaiju Kingz have already formed partnerships with EtherOrcs, as they look to expand their market reach and onboard new players.

These partner projects will have the opportunity to claim a dungeon pass, which will grant temporary access to dungeon crawls with a preset Horde, allowing them to earn a limited amount of loot.

The EtherOrcs team also revealed an updated Game Loop, which will be the standard for future gameplay in the ecosystem. 

The new Game Loop is outlined as such:

  • Gear your Horde
  • Take on the Dungeons
  • Earn Chests based on Score
  • Craft New Equipment and Items

The recent Discord announcement outlined plans to become the "first fully built out player owned web3 MMORPG."  

Zed Run Talladega Cup and Derby Day

This week the Zed Run team launched a tournament called the Talladega Cup, which only grants access to qualification for NASCAR PASS holders. 

Stable Owners that hold a NASCAR PASS can still qualify up until April 24. 

The total prize pool for the Talladega Cup includes $75,000 and eight pairs of VIP Garage Passes and Grandstand Tickets to the October 2, 2022 Talladega NASCAR event.

The 144 horses that qualify automatically receive $100, and the remaining prize pool for the core tournament ($50,000) will be allocated to the 48 winners in each distance funnel.

The Grand Finals will consist of five races with prizes including an $11,865 pool and a number of garage passes to giveaway.

The Zed Run team also revealed an updated outline of Zed Day 2022, which will be hosted on May 7, 2022.

Read more on the Zed Run Derby Day here.


The Red Village Easter Championship

This past weekend, The Red Village hosted the Easter Championship, which had the largest prize pool yet.

The project continues to grow and gain traction as a number of Champion Holders have turned to Twitch to stream the daily tournaments and fighting. 

The Red Village community has also been calling for more higher-tiered fight entries, seeing "free and $2 dollar" entries fill immediately.

As we roll into week four of successful tournaments, The Red Village unique user count is one thing to keep an eye on as more equity may look to funnel into this play-to-earn ecosystem.

Mintbase Raises New Funding

Yesterday, Mintbase announced a new round of Series A funding worth $7.5 million dollars, in addition to a $5 million dollar grant.

The funding round was primarily led by Woodstock Fund, with direct support from Coinbase, Libertus Capital, Figment, Animoca Brands, and other global investors. 

The new funding pool will be allocated strategically into developing the new digital economy through implementation of "seasoned teams that focus on web 3.0 ticketing, music, and gaming platforms."

Mintbase believes the future or "third cycle" coming will be spearheaded by "WASM" chains such as NEAR, Polkadot, and Solana.  

Stay up-to-date with Mintbase via their Twitter linked above.


Upcoming Mint: War Kittens

War Kittens is a unique collection of 9,500 NFTs created by @scythecollects and @0xKittenDev (Sesco) that live on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The project launches today at 5:00 pm ET at a price of 0.077 ETH in presale, with a price bump to 0.088 ETH for public sale expected to start at 9:30 pm ET.

War Kittens is a fully on-chain project that incorporates PvP strategy gaming mechanics, inspired by MMORPG Runescape.

War Kittens introduces an easy, yet risky gameplay to the ecosystem with two options: attack or defend.

Read more about War Kittens gameplay mechanics here.

Play-to-Earn Weekly | Ethernal Elves Protocol LP Launch, EtherOrcs Updates, and MORE