Fidenza #545 Sells for 625 ETH

Fidenza #545 Sells for 625 ETH
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Fidenza #545 sold today for 625 ETH, the 5th highest sale of all time in ETH terms.

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Tyler Hobbs' Fidenza collection, which Hobbs named "Fidenza" after discovering a tiny Italian town of the same name on Google Maps, continues to capture the attention of collectors around the world (even in this current perilous climate for crypto and NFTs).

The sale of Fidenza #545 follows the spike in interest in Art Blocks and generative art at the top end of the market that was set in motion by the 3AC Grails Part I auctions at Sotheby's Contemporary Day Sale in May. Fidenza #725 was at the center of the auctions, selling for a touch over $1 million. And then, about two weeks ago, Fidenza #971 sold for 370 ETH ($685k).

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