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Fidenza #545 Sells for 625 ETH
Julian Son

Fidenza #545 sold today for 625 ETH, the 5th highest sale of all time in ETH terms.

The Deets

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❗ Why It Matters

Tyler Hobbs' Fidenza collection, which Hobbs named "Fidenza" after discovering a tiny Italian town of the same name on Google Maps, continues to capture the attention of collectors around the world (even in this current perilous climate for crypto and NFTs).

The sale of Fidenza #545 follows the spike in interest in Art Blocks and generative art at the top end of the market that was set in motion by the 3AC Grails Part I auctions at Sotheby's Contemporary Day Sale in May. Fidenza #725 was at the center of the auctions, selling for a touch over $1 million. And then, about two weeks ago, Fidenza #971 sold for 370 ETH ($685k).

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Fidenza #545 Sells for 625 ETH
Three Arrows Capital NFTs To Be Liquidated
Bill Monighetti

Three Arrows Capital's (3AC) extensive NFT collection is expected to enter liquidation, according to a notice by Teneo placed yesterday in the British Virgin Islands.

❗Why It Matters

The failed hedge fund holds many valuable NFTs in its collection, which could be worth at least $6m at current market prices. The crown jewel of the collection may be "The Goose," arguably the most iconic work from Dmitri Cherniak's "Ringers" collection. 3AC acquired The Goose in August of 2021 for 1,800 ETH (nearly $3m USD at the time).

🔎 The Details

Other notable NFTs in 3AC's collection include:

  • Bored Ape Kennel Club (1)
  • Many NFTs from various Art Blocks collections, most notably 30 Fidenzas and 17 Ringers
  • Autoglyphs (3)
  • CryptoPunks (11)
  • ACK Unique Editions 1-of-1
  • Where My Vans Go (1)

View the entire collection here.

🧠 Need to Know

  • The liquidation of 3AC's NFT collection will not include the Starry Night Capital portfolio. The Starry Night collection was assembled by VincentVanDough on behalf of 3AC, and it is considered a separate entity.

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The Goose is being liquidatedDmitri Cherniak

Three Arrows Capital NFTs To Be Liquidated
Blue Chip Traded for Mega Collar?
Julian Son

Fidenza No. 955 was traded for 80 ETH, which was subsequently used to purchase a Mega Mutant Hound Collar ahead of the project's reveal later today.  

The Transaction: OpenSea user La_Mere sold Fidenza #955 for 80 ETH overnight on Jan. 9, and then turned around and bought Mega Mutant Hound Collar #4300 for 79.690 ETH this morning. The NFT was later relisted for 299 ETH. 

Why It Matters: Since minting for 0.25 ETH in mid-December, Mutant Hound Collars have skyrocketed up to a floor price of 1.73 ETH (an all-time high floor price of 2 ETH was reached a couple of days ago). While the project is not affiliated with Yuga Labs, the project has gotten significant buy-in from members of the BAYC ecosystem.

This was a very splashy move away from a blue-chip like a Fidenza, and a big investment into the highest-tier Mutant Hound Collar. Mega Collars were randomly mixed in the 10,000 NFT collection throughout the mint process. 

What's Next: Today at 5:00 p.m. ET, collar holders can burn the collars to reveal hounds.  

What People are Saying: Prominent Yuga holder and Mutant Cartel founder lior.eth tweeted, "Fidenza for a Mega Collar. Good trade. $106,257 biggest sale in Hounds history, less than a month since mint. Love to see it!!!!! @MutantHounds"

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Blue Chip Traded for Mega Collar?
200 WETH Offer Accepted On Fidenza

Fidenza #214 sold for 200 WETH ($313,702 USD) on Monday, the third sale in the last 24 hours for the popular Art Blocks Curated collection. 

The large purchase coincides with increased volume across both Fidenzas and the broader Art Blocks ecosystem, including notable sales of Chromie Squiggles, Ringers by Dimitri Cherniak, and Memories of Qilin

The Fidenza floor currently sits at 99 ETH, up 25 percent over the last week. 

The new purchase is the buyer's fifth Fidenza, which joins a wallet that includes a wealth of other Art Blocks, five CryptoPunks, and three Bored Apes. 

200 WETH Offer Accepted On Fidenza
Tyler Hobbs Tezos Piece Sells for 45k Tez
Staff Writer

Tyler Hobbs, the generative artist behind Fidenza and the QQL collection, had a sale of 45,000 tez on his piece "Diagonal Colors" earlier this afternoon according to Objkt.

The piece was minted on March 18, 2021, and initially sold out its supply of four pieces for 30 tez each. Diagonal Colors has seen a few four-figure tez offers as well as an offer of 10,000 tez earlier this week before the 45,000 tez offer was accepted this afternoon.

The current cost of Tezos currently sits at $1.41 per coin.

Hobbs received 4,500 tez from the royalties of this sale according to his profile.

There are currently only four creations by Hobbs on Objkt with none being listed for sale and his 1/1 "Esthesia 0.1" having a current offer of 3,650 tez.

Tyler Hobbs Tezos Piece Sells for 45k Tez
Three Arrows Capital NFT Wallets Valued at $25.6 Million, Estimate Suggests
Jason Bales

Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and Starry Night NFT wallets could go into receivership any day following the firm's bankruptcy. Estimates of how much the NFTs in the two wallets are worth range from $3 million to more than $25 million, the latter suggested today by DeepNFTValue.

Inside the first wallet is 11 CryptoPunks, three Autoglyphs, multiple Ringers (including "The Goose"), 31 Fidenzas, and more.

Inside the second wallet is more Ringers, more Fidenzas, an Ethernal Pump, and more.

A breakdown of the value of these two wallets by NFT collection is available above. The largest chunk of value comes from Fidenza, which is worth nearly $10 million, according to DeepNFTValue. This is 3x the low-ball evaluation of $3 million mentioned above.

With 11 CryptoPunks, 38 Ringers, and 34 Fidenzas, if these wallets are not properly auctioned off to the greater web3 community, the sales could negatively impact floor prices, especially for 10k pfp collections like CryptoPunks. 

A final decision on how to auction off these assets, whether bundled or not, has not yet been made. For suggestions on how to appropiately handle the auction, see Nikolai Yakovenko's full article for DeepNFTValue here.

DeepNFTValue is an algorithm-based platform that uses deep neural networks to value CryptoPunks and other NFT projects. It is widely considered one of the most accurate value projection tools on the market at this time.

Three Arrows Capital NFT Wallets Valued at $25.6 Million, Estimate Suggests
Tyler Hobbs Warns of QQL Scam Accounts
Staff Writer

Tyler Hobbs, one of the creators of QQL and the artist behind Fidenzas, warned his followers of potential QQL scam accounts in a tweet this evening.

"Scammers are out in force with fake accounts, including *verified* Twitter accounts. Quadruple check everything, report scammers, and remember that I will not DM you with offers" says Hobbs.

This tweet should serve as a reminder to always check your sources multiple times before interacting with any links.

Tyler Hobbs Warns of QQL Scam Accounts
X2Y2 Responds to QQL Block
Staff Writer

X2Y2 implored Tyler Hobbs to "find a solution" Thursday after the Fidenza creator blocked the marketplace from transacting with Hobbs' new collection.

The marketplace tweeted about QQL — co-founded by Hobbs and @dandelion_wist — and its decision to restrict its site based on Wist's statement in Discord that X2Y2 participates in "royalty evasion." The QQL Mint Pass floor price is 19.98 ETH.

"First of all, X2Y2 is NOT a 0% royalty marketplace," X2Y2 tweeted. "Creators can set up their royalty on X2Y2. In this particular case, QQL didn’t even set up their royalty on X2Y2."

X2Y2 said that after making the change to allow users to set their own royalties, around 98 percent have chosen to list with some form of royalty.

"'Code is law,' and QQL has made its own law. When someone else can decide where you can transfer your NFT, you are not the real owners anymore. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is exactly what happens in the music industry - you don’t own the mp3s lying on your hard drive," X2Y2 tweeted.

X2Y2 Responds to QQL Block