Firm: Starry Night Capital NFTs 'Accounted For'

Firm: Starry Night Capital NFTs 'Accounted For'
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Hundreds of rare NFTs could be sold soon after they were transferred to a multi-signature wallet operated by Teneo — the firm in charge of liquidating NFTs in the Starry Night Capital fund formerly owned by the now-insolvent Three Arrows Capital.

Teneo has accounted for all of the Starry Night Capital NFTs with cooperation with former Starry Night Capital curator and pseudoanonymous collector VincentVanDough, according to a statement from the company provided to Lucky Trader.

A bulk of the former Starry Night Capital holdings were transferred to a Gnosis Safe wallet Tuesday, including three Fidenzas, some Rare Pepes, and a handful of XCOPY pieces, which the fund paid more than 1,300 ETH to acquire. (The wallet, which is valued at around $1.8 million according to, can be viewed here.)

Teneo also said that Van Dough has agreed to assist with the “eventual sale of all 3AC NFTs” and that all the NFTs are “in our possession or are being transferred to us.” 

Creditors have been clamoring for the NFTs ever since Three Arrows Capital filed for bankruptcy in July and a federal judge allowed Teneo to subpoena Three Arrows Capital founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies.

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