FLUF World Leaks New Buzzies Info

FLUF World Leaks New Buzzies Info
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FLUF World has been leaking new information about its upcoming Buzzies NFTs, or a collection of HNI Pots. The collection can be viewed on OpenSea here.

The newest Buzzies NFT will be made available tomorrow, Jul. 1. There will be 742 total Sporadium HNI Pots. This is the rarest HNI Pot yet, and the workshop notes suggest the new material could be from the remnants of Goblin technology.

"First identified in ancient military armour recovered from an archaeological dig, Sporadium is perplexingly hard-wearing," the description reads. "But where has it come from? The remnants of Goblin technology? Mati’s team have even hypothesised a connection to Party Bears’ historical Greenback military factions, though the answer to this question evades us still. Repurposing the remainder of our supply for the recovery effort was paramount, with high mycelium concentrations successfully infused by these pots with relative ease. Superb!"

This is the fourth of five total reveals. The first three include The Parthonite HNI Pot, The Xoranium HNI Pot, and The Ozide HNI Pot.

There are 5,069 total Parthonite HNI Pots, which were delivered on Jun. 28. According to the workshop notes, Parthonite is common but durable. It was mined during FLUF World's industrial revolution.

There are 3,846 Xoranium HNI Pots. According to the workshop notes, Parthonite was found during a scuba-diving session near a strange rock formation.

There are 2,756 total Ozide HNI Pots, which were delivered on Jun. 30. According to the workshop notes, Ozide was found west of the dunes after it had long been suspected that Goblins mined the last of it aeons ago.

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