Keanu Reeves Joins FLUF-Founded Organization as Adviser

Keanu Reeves Joins FLUF-Founded Organization as Adviser

FLUF World announced actor Keanu Reeves will be an adviser to the NFT project’s Futureverse Foundation.

The foundation, which was given $250,000 by FLUF World parent company Non-Fungible Labs, is focusing its efforts on helping underrepresented artists in web3 and building a more inclusive metaverse. The Futureverse whitepaper was released June 16.

Reeves joins his partner, artist Alexandra Grant, as a co-founder and adviser. The foundation has already made a $100,000 donation to Nona Oforiatta Ayim, who is curating the Ghanaian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. 

The 57-year-old actor from the Matrix series previously laughed at the idea of NFTs in an interview with Verge calling the digital assets “easily reproduced.”

More about FLUF World

FLUFs are a collection of 10,000 unique, 3D-animated rabbits living as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. FLUFs have been programmatically generated from 270 attributes across 14 categories to be entirely unique by at least three degrees of separation, including their expression, dance, scene, and soundtrack. 

At the time of publish, the FLUF World floor price sits at 2.85 ETH, and has risen 5.61 percent over the past 24 hours on 279 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 8 sharp wallets have sold 12 NFTs and 5 sharp wallets have bought 5 NFTs in the FLUF World collection. Catch up on other recent FLUF World news here.

Recent FLUF World Sales

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