Final Reminder! Forgotten Runes Partner Trick-or-Treating Ends at Midnight!

Final Reminder! Forgotten Runes Partner Trick-or-Treating Ends at Midnight!
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Partner communities have until midnight ET tonight to go trick-or-treating at the Nightmare Imp's door, according to the Forgotten Rune's Wizards Cult Twitter. 

The event started on Friday, Oct. 28 allowing members of ten different NFT communities to knock on the Nightmare Imp's door and earn an airdropped token - either a trick or a treat.

Supply for each partner community is 1,000 tokens, dispersed on a first-come-first-served basis. Holders of partner community NFTs have an equal chance of revealing trick or treat, while members of the Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult have an 80 percent chance of revealing a treat. 

Lucky users who receive a treat might be able to redeem it for a Forgotten Runes Wizard, Warrior, or more. 

Ready to go trick-or-treating? You can do so here

Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult holders will have one extra week to go trick-or-treating and all users will have an unlimited amount of time to reveal their box, once they have gone trick-or-treating. 

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