Forgotten Runes Announce Halloween Event and Airdrop

Forgotten Runes Announce Halloween Event and Airdrop
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Forgotten Runes holders and 10 other communities have been invited to participate in a Trick or Treat event at the Nightmare Imp’s Door. The other communities included are CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, Cool Cats, Azuki, Clone X, Moonbirds, Loot, World of Women, and 10KTF (crafted only).

From October 28-31, participants will be able to knock on the door at the Castle of the Nightmare imp and receive a token airdrop of either a Trick or a Treat. One knock on the door is allowed per token held.

Treats will be storytelling items from the Runiverse, with more than 100 different items of varying rarities. The Treasure Box may also contain a treat that can be exchanged for a free wizard, warrior, pony, or a golden candy that can be used to forge a Gilded Warrior Weapon. Tricks are still unrevealed and will be considered surprises but will include a token.

The odds of a Trick or a Treat are as follows:

  • Souls automatically receive 2 Treats (Treasure Boxes)

  • Wizards have an 80% chance of a Treat

  • Warriors have a 50% chance of a Trick or a Treat

  • All partners have a 50% chance of a Trick or a Treat

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