Pixel Vault Announces Closed Beta of New DAO Portal

Pixel Vault Announces Closed Beta of New DAO Portal
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Pixel Vault announced the closed beta for its new DAO portal is going live tonight. The DAO portal is set to allow Pixel Vault ecosystem participants to easily and collectively make decisions regarding the future of Pixel Vault and Pixel Vault assets. 

The new forum and voting hub named the Planet Referendum and Independence Sustainability Machine (PRISM) will allow for Pixel Vault Planet holders to seamlessly make decisions regarding planetary endeavors and other UPDAO proposals. 

UPDAO, the planetary DAO formed by Pixel Vault during the mint of Planet NFTs last October, will officially be handed over to the community later this month. The DAO is made up of 45 percent Planet holders, 45 percent Pixel Vault Governance, and 10 percent Founder's DAO tokens. 

All participants will eventually be able to utilize PRISM, which has been purposefully designed to encourage participation, but the initial closed beta is for MetaHero Universe Planet holders. 

To start, two major DAO proposals regarding the ratification of PRISM and the UPDAO governance structure will be available for Planet NFT holders. Both proposals were created and submitted by the Pixel Vault team. 

For more information, read the official press release. 



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