Project Information

FVCK_CRYSTAL// is a collection of 4,169 precious stones designed by artist FVCKRENDER. 

FVCKRENDER is a self-taught 3-D artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. With an "affinity for sharp architectural geometry, beaming future landscapes and brilliant crystalline arrangements", his 3-D art pays a dark homage to what he believes may eventually reflect our very existence.

Each FVCK_CRYSTAL// is created utilizing the most iconic FVCKRENDER elements frozen in time inside of each crystal. FVCK_CRYSTAL// owners will be able to participate in future events, raffles, and exclusive areas of the FVCKRENDERVERSE//, which is an immersive 3-D artistic universe. The FVCKRENDERVERSE// is a unique way for owners to digitally view and experience FVCKRENDER's artistic creations the way he created them to be experienced.