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Austin Ketterling

Digital artist FVCKRENDER announced FVCK TOKEN//, a unique approach to simplify and enhance the art collecting experience for his work. 

The Deets

• FVCK TOKEN// centralizes FVCKRENDER's art ecosystem
• The token aims to bring simplicity and a sense of community to collectors
• Small edition holders and select @lvcidia holders to receive airdropped tokens
• Higher edition work can be burnt in exchange for FVCK TOKEN//

The Bulk

Over the last two years, FVCKRENDER has made waves in the digital art landscape. Now, the artist seeks to simplify and invigorate the collector experience, launching a central component of his art ecosystem: FVCK TOKEN//.

Designed to be the dominant form of value within FVCKRENDER's ecosystem, FVCK TOKEN// will be used in multiple ways, from purchasing new work to minting passes. 

The implementation of FVCK TOKEN// isn’t just about ease; it’s about community. Small edition holders, as well as a select group of @lvcidia holders, are in for an airdrop surprise. In addition, owners of higher edition pieces will have the opportunity to burn their work in exchange for FVCK TOKEN//.

Back It Up

The FVCKRENDER project, along with @lvcidia and @90s_kids_club, represents three distinct visions close to the artist's heart. With the introduction of FVCK TOKEN//, these visions converge, offering collectors a streamlined and engaging experience.

🎤 Founder Feedback

I want to strip back and simplify what it means to be a FVCKRENDER collector, with smaller collections that people feel more a part of and are excited about. I will achieve this through FVCK TOKEN//. FVCK TOKEN// will become a central component of my art ecosystem, will streamline everything and bring focus back to my art and my collectors.FVCKRENDER

📊 By The Numbers

The FVCK_CRYSTAL// is currently trading with a 0.29 ETH floor ($526.44)

FVCKRENDER x The Weeknd Collab Coming Soon?
Bill Monighetti

Popular web3 artist FVCKRENDER teased a possible upcoming collab with recording artist The Weeknd in a tweet yesterday evening.

❗ Why It Matters

The Weeknd is a two-time Grammy Award winner with over $60 million in album sales (as of July). While this would not be his first foray into web3, any web3 involvement by The Weeknd is a massive win for onboarding.

🔎The Deets

  • In his tweet, FVCKRENDER said the possible collab will take place "this summer."
  • The Weeknd previously released an "Acephalous" open edition NFT on Nifty Gateway, netting $2m on the sale.
  • While one user implied The Weeknd had rugged his previous collection, FVCKRENDER replied, "Don't buy if you don't like it, but I'm working really hard to find a cool mechanism to reward those who bought the first drop even tho [sic] it wasn't my responsibility."

🎤Community Feedback

Holy smokes!! Excited to see this. Can't wait@dhekhandelwal


FVCKRENDER x The Weeknd Collab Coming Soon?
LT;DR Feb. 11 NFT Recap: FVCKRENDER & KoD Roadmaps
John Nannetti

Top News Today:

  • FVCKRENDER & KoD Roadmaps

  • Dapper Drops

  • Sprite Club Giveaway

  • Top NFT Movers


FVCKRENDER released a roadmap for the FVCK Crystals collection this afternoon, in the form of LVCIDIA a new extension of the formerly known FVCKRENDERVERSE. On the new website, the roadmap mentions multiple upcoming expansions to FVCKRENDER's, work most notably in Q1 of 2022 the "FVCK_AVATAR//" collection is planned to launch. Other plans include a token drop, unreal engine experiences, and merchandise all to be released in the first half of 2022. For further details the community will wait for the whitepaper release planned in Q1 of 2022.  

Knights of Degen released its Roadmap 2.0 this afternoon detailing upcoming plans for the KoD community. Projects in the works include a metaverse universe called Degen Land, a token drop and a DAO. With a whole host of other initiatives planned, the roadmap includes other notes from character lore to media networking that the Knights have planned for 2022.

Dapper Drops

Dapper Labs released a plethora of packs today via UFC Strike, NBA Top Shot, and NFL All Day. Dapper conducted two test drops today in the form of 500 UFC Strike Technical packs and 5,000 NBA All-Star Standard packs. Since the issues with randomization in these previous drops Dapper is looking to weed out an issues before dropping the rest. NFL All Day conducted a standard pack drop releasing 50,000 Pro Bowl packs with Moments featuring Ja'Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, and others.NFL All Day is still in private beta and the packs were only available to closed beta members. 

Sprite Club Giveaway

Sprite Club has gifted us 20 allowlist spots to giveaway tomorrow night. The collection boasts 7,777 Sprite avatars that carry a unique "minting adventure." Learn more and get the contest details here!  



  • Karafuru leads our rankings yet again as the market sees volume rise a bit across the board. Karafuru's floor rises 60% right around 5 ETH over 5,000 ETH in 24 hour volume. 

  • mfers jumps on to our projects rankings page after a strong last two days. Floor eclipsing 1 ETH and continuing up 44%. Volume over 1,000 ETH jumping nearly 500%. 

  • WVRPS by WarpSound flies as the floor rises almost 200% up to 0.55 ETH. Releasing in January the floor was holding around 0.2 ETH before the recent price action. 

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LT;DR Feb. 11 NFT Recap: FVCKRENDER & KoD Roadmaps