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Digital artist FVCKRENDER announced FVCK TOKEN//, a unique approach to simplify and enhance the art collecting experience for his work. 

The Deets

• FVCK TOKEN// centralizes FVCKRENDER's art ecosystem
• The token aims to bring simplicity and a sense of community to collectors
• Small edition holders and select @lvcidia holders to receive airdropped tokens
• Higher edition work can be burnt in exchange for FVCK TOKEN//

The Bulk

Over the last two years, FVCKRENDER has made waves in the digital art landscape. Now, the artist seeks to simplify and invigorate the collector experience, launching a central component of his art ecosystem: FVCK TOKEN//.

Designed to be the dominant form of value within FVCKRENDER's ecosystem, FVCK TOKEN// will be used in multiple ways, from purchasing new work to minting passes. 

The implementation of FVCK TOKEN// isn’t just about ease; it’s about community. Small edition holders, as well as a select group of @lvcidia holders, are in for an airdrop surprise. In addition, owners of higher edition pieces will have the opportunity to burn their work in exchange for FVCK TOKEN//.

Back It Up

The FVCKRENDER project, along with @lvcidia and @90s_kids_club, represents three distinct visions close to the artist's heart. With the introduction of FVCK TOKEN//, these visions converge, offering collectors a streamlined and engaging experience.

๐ŸŽค Founder Feedback

I want to strip back and simplify what it means to be a FVCKRENDER collector, with smaller collections that people feel more a part of and are excited about. I will achieve this through FVCK TOKEN//. FVCK TOKEN// will become a central component of my art ecosystem, will streamline everything and bring focus back to my art and my collectors.FVCKRENDER

๐Ÿ“Š By The Numbers

The FVCK_CRYSTAL// is currently trading with a 0.29 ETH floor ($526.44)

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