You Can Buy Doodles 2 Beta Access

You Can Buy Doodles 2 Beta Access
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Doodles 2 beta access will be granted in the form of "beta keys," a tradeable NFT provided to users of Dooplicator and Genesis Box NFTs, according to a tweet from the project co-founder

Why It Matters: Doodles squashed speculation about who, and how many individuals can gain access to the Doodles 2 beta, the first stages of the project's expansionary collection. When available, hopeful participants will now have the opportunity to purchase a beta key on the secondary market, even if they do not have a Dooplicator or Genesis Box NFT. 

Key Figure: A maximum of 33,300 beta key NFTs can be created, but it is unlikely that all Dooplicators and Genesis Boxes will be utilized. 

What's Next: There are no available actions for Doodles, Dooplicator, or Genesis Box NFT holders at this time. The next expected action is will be the activation of Dooplicator utility, which is slated for sometime in Jan. 

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