Creepz Announces Overlord, a Universe for Expansion

Creepz Announces Overlord, a Universe for Expansion

The team behind Creepz Genesis NFTs announced Overlord, a new expansionary universe for Creepz IP, via Twitter on Sunday

The announcement includes a complete rebrand for Creepz Twitter and the initial plans for expanding the Creepz brand beyond a collection of 10,000 NFTs. 

According to the Creepz team, the rabidity of the fanbase and representation by entertainment agency ThreeSixZero has helped validate their initial hypothesis, priming the IP for growth. The team will look to expand using Pokemon's strategic growth plans as an inspiration. That plan leans on seven major components for the potential growth of the Creepz Ecosystem, including the creation of the following: 

  • an MMORPG blockchain game
  • high-end streetwear
  • an animated series for major networks
  • branded products for mass markets
  • new characters and storylines
  • a community-driven lore platform
  • an ecosystem token 

Little detail was shared about the specifics of the aforementioned growth mechanics, though the team did indicate that a new supporting storyline, "Interdimensionals," would be built and exist separately in the Overlord Universe. 

Additional details regarding the expected timelines were not provided. More information is expected to be released throughout the month. 

Despite a lull in the overall NFT market, Creepz Genesis NFTs sported a gain of nearly 90 percent in the last month, rising to approximately 1.75 ETH around the time of the announcement. Shortly after the announcement, the original collection jumped further to 1.95 ETH. 

Want to win a free Creepz NFT? Users can enter to win via raffle by retweeting the official team announcement. 

More about Creepz Genesis

Creepz Genesis is a collection of 11,111 lizards with a conspiracy theory theme that are part of the Creepz play-to-earn ecosystem. Creepz NFTs accumulate $LOOMI, the ecosystem's utility token, as they conquer Earth while avoiding the enemy lizards trying to overthrow their empire. The project was created by @jo3car, @dom3xyz and @psychrome. 

At the time of publish, the Creepz Genesis floor price sits at 1.2 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 17 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 5 sharp wallets have sold 6 NFTs and 3 sharp wallets have bought 3 NFTs in the Creepz Genesis collection. Catch up on other recent Creepz Genesis news here.

Recent Creepz Genesis Sales

#8961sold at 12/08 6:12am for
#10442sold at 12/08 6:12am for
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Recent Creepz Genesis Listings

#2676listed at 12/08 8:12am for
#2676listed at 12/08 8:12am for
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#6305listed at 12/08 7:12am for
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