Overlord Has Big Gaming Plans

Overlord Has Big Gaming Plans
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Overlord shared its vision to 100 million users, lead by gaming and borrowing from Pokémon's blueprint, in a Medium post on Friday

❗Why It Matters

While all NFT collections have ambitions of acquiring a rabid fanbase and millions of users, not all have laid out a plan or started to execute on it. Since rebranding from Creepz Genesis to Overlord, the team behind the Creepz Genesis NFTs have slowly but surely taken steps to act on that ambitious goal. The company recently signed with WME to help with brand expansion and its now unveiled gaming platform will act as another spoke in the wheel of IP it is rolling out. 

The Deets

The expansive Medium post shares a handful of key points about the future of Overlord and its NFT holders. Most notably:

  • Brand goal of 100 million fans over next five years. 
  • Overlord Gaming will be multi-genre, multi-platform gaming hub built by a variety of game developers. 
  • An Overlord gaming token will be the overarching gaming currency. 
  • Games will be cross-chain, interoperable, and composable. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

We see a future where millions of fans are filled with joy watching our tv shows, are thrilled exploring our universe in our games, and excitedly collecting our physical and digital products.Overlord

🔜 What’s Next?

More details about the studios and games actively being worked on is slated to be revealed next week. In the more distant future, Creepz Genesis NFT holders can expect to be airdropped the eventual gaming currency and Overlord token. 

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