Overlord Partners With Immutable

Overlord Partners With Immutable
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Overlord is collaborating with Immutable to introduce Overlord's AAA game on Immutable, Ethereum's top-tier web3 gaming platform and home to Gods Unchained. 

The Deets

  • Game Launch: Overlord, developed by Superduper, set to debut on Immutable, a leading blockchain gaming platform.
  • Adoption Focus: Overlord's multi-media strategy aims to boost web3 mass adoption.
  • User Experience: Strategic onboarding coupled with seamless gaming experience and digital ownership to enhance user engagement.
  • Future Vision: Overlord seeks to revolutionize gaming, promoting player ownership of in-game assets.

The Bulk

Overlord's game, developed by Superduper, is slated to debut on Immutable, a web3 gaming platform that is home to Gods Unchained, a leading blockchain game. 

The partnership promises to integrate Overlord's extensive multimedia strategy to usher in mass adoption of web3. Moreover, Immutable's array of pioneering tools, frameworks, and services are primed to make the user experience swift, accessible, and seamless. 

Overlord envisions a gaming future where the player is the actual owner of their gaming assets. This notion of digital ownership promises to disrupt traditional gaming norms and offers a tantalizing glimpse of the future of gaming.

🎤 Founder Feedback

We firmly believe that Superduper's extensive and multifaceted approach to brand building will play a major role in the mass adoption of web3, ultimately allowing us to onboard millions of new users to the world of blockchain gaming.Andrew Soro, VP of Business Development at Immutable

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