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Novel Labs, Faraway Developing MAYC Focused Game
Logan Hitchcock

Novel Labs, the team behind Mutant Hounds and the Mutant Cartel, and Faraway are collaborating to create Serum City, a city builder game which thrusts Mutant Apes into the spotlight. 

The Deets:

  • Mutant Apes are the main characters in Serum City
  • Game's assets will be interoperable on Ethereum's mainnet
  • Game is token-gated, requiring specific NFT ownership for access
  • Launch slated for August
  • Gaming details not yet provided
  • Powered by ApeCoin

The Details

Serum City's main characters are Mutant Apes, and game access will be granted to holders of Mutant Apes, Bored Apes, Genesis Oath, and Mutant Hound NFTs. As the game progresses, access will gradually open up with each new in-game season of content. The game's setting is a dystopian world where Bored Apes are the ruling class, and Mutant Apes are underlings and outcasts. 

Serum City will feature an illustrated or comic book-inspired aesthetic, Faraway founder Alex Paley told Decrypt. While gameplay details remain limited, the developers aim to create a richer and more engaging experience than current NFT-based games.

Interoperability is a key focus for the game, with in-game items crafted as NFTs expected to be used in future Novel Labs games. Faraway has previously been building on Solana, potentially opening the door to cross-chain interoperability and functionality as well. 

Why It Matters

No one has attempted quite as an ambitious task with their commerical rights and IP ownership as Novel Labs founder Lior Messika, who now puts to use the BAYC and MAYC's he has access to in the build of Serum City and the unfolding lore of Mutant Cartel and Mutant Hounds. Messika aims to far surpass the elementary web3 games that have been developed thus far, adding sophisticated depth and lore and simply making Serum City fun to play. The task seems easier said than done, but perhaps the tangential attachment (there is no formal connection) to Yuga Labs' IP will provide a small leg up. 

An additional note of interest is the ApeCoin powered ecosystem in Serum City. Many have speculated that additional ApeCoin sinks will create long term benefits for the price of $APE. Might Serum City, a product not officially affiliated with Yuga Labs, ultimately benefit Yuga's ecosystem token? 

📊 By the Numbers

Mutant Hounds NFTs, one of three Mutant Cartel NFTs available, offer the cheapest possibly entry into Serum City at present time. The collection has fallen 26 percent in the last month to a floor price of 0.21 ETH. 

🎬 Take Action

Users hoping to gain access to Serum City in August will need a BAYC, MAYC, Genesis Oath, or Mutant Hound NFT.

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Novel Labs, Faraway Developing MAYC Focused Game
Mutant Hounds Mint Begins Wednesday

The Mutant Cartel, a DAO formed around the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, will begin the minting process for Mutant Hounds on Wednesday, Dec. 14. 

Holders of the project's Genesis Oath collection will have the first opportunity to mint the 10,000-NFT project Wednesday, with whitelist periods for holders of MAYC (Dec. 15), BAYC (Dec. 16), BAKC (Dec. 17) opening prior to the public mint on Dec. 18. 

The drop is powered by NFT platform, with collectors minting 'Collars' that will eventually be burned for Hounds on Dec. 21. Collars are 0.125 ETH for the initial Genesis Oath Holder window, and 0.25 ETH for the MAYC/BAYC/BAKC and public phases. 

The Mutant Cartel was founded by prominent Yuga holder lior.eth, and seeks to expand upon the lore of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. The project is not affiliated with Yuga Labs. 

"The Mutant Hounds are part of a saga of lore-driven NFTs that push the frontier of decentralized and participatory storytelling," the project explained in a thread.
"Hounds will be part of an ever-expanding universe and will be relevant to your favorite worlds - Otherside being an important focus. Characters, factions, events, and the ability to both feature and guide the course of the narrative itself. We want to create the Middle Earth of web3 with you, and without borders."
The founder was also curiously mentioned by 10KTF leader Wagmi-san in August teasing a potential collaboration utilizing a Mega Hound.
Mutant Hounds Mint Begins Wednesday