Blue Chip Traded for Mega Collar?

Blue Chip Traded for Mega Collar?
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Fidenza No. 955 was traded for 80 ETH, which was subsequently used to purchase a Mega Mutant Hound Collar ahead of the project's reveal later today.  

The Transaction: OpenSea user La_Mere sold Fidenza #955 for 80 ETH overnight on Jan. 9, and then turned around and bought Mega Mutant Hound Collar #4300 for 79.690 ETH this morning. The NFT was later relisted for 299 ETH. 

Why It Matters: Since minting for 0.25 ETH in mid-December, Mutant Hound Collars have skyrocketed up to a floor price of 1.73 ETH (an all-time high floor price of 2 ETH was reached a couple of days ago). While the project is not affiliated with Yuga Labs, the project has gotten significant buy-in from members of the BAYC ecosystem.

This was a very splashy move away from a blue-chip like a Fidenza, and a big investment into the highest-tier Mutant Hound Collar. Mega Collars were randomly mixed in the 10,000 NFT collection throughout the mint process. 

What's Next: Today at 5:00 p.m. ET, collar holders can burn the collars to reveal hounds.  

What People are Saying: Prominent Yuga holder and Mutant Cartel founder lior.eth tweeted, "Fidenza for a Mega Collar. Good trade. $106,257 biggest sale in Hounds history, less than a month since mint. Love to see it!!!!! @MutantHounds"

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