gmoney_brick_breaker NFTs

gmoney_brick_breaker NFT Overview

Project Information

gmoney_brick_breaker is a fully on-chain rendition of the popular and classic Brick Breaker game.

In collaboration with GM420 Labs, @gmoneyNFT created the first decentralized on-chain "arcade machine." The entirety of the gmoney Brick Breaker game, including the graphics and code, is completely on-chain and compressed from approximately 1MB to 15KB.

This collection of 2,500 NFTs demonstrates the power of GM420 Labs on-chain compression ability.

The 2,500 gmoney Brick Breaker NFTs are all connected through a shared leaderboard. Any person is able to play the game in their browser, but only those that hold one of the Brick Breaker NFTs are able to record their scores on the shared leaderboard.