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gm NFTs March 15 | Market Movers, Gmoney's Brick Breakers and Muri Public Sale
Tyler Warner

After a hot weekend, NFT trading volume dipped back to $52mm on Monday, taking some of the weekend winners down with it. But Monday saw some new debuts do well and some recent projects surge, making it a mixed day overall.

Top news:

  • Market Movers
  • Gmoney's Brick Breaker debut
  • Muri Heats Up Ahead of Public Sale

Market Movers

The Yuga Labs projects finally retraced a bit Monday after a huge run up on the acquisition news. Both BAYC and MAYC fell, 7% and 3%, and sit at 89 ETH and 18.75 ETH floors. Their new acquisitions, Punks and Meebits, held steady on Monday at 69.5 ETH and 4.6 ETH floors.

Notable Winners on the day:

  • Loser Club up 52% to 0.5 ETH
  • Weirdos up 51% to 0.24 ETH
  • Dour Darcels up 28% to 1.18 ETH

Gmoney's Brick Breaker debut

Gmoney made headlines Monday as the first punk owner to officially use his Punk's IP, leveraging it in the branding for the new Brick Breaker game from GM420 Labs. 

Though the public sale appears to have been botted, more than 2300 were minted at the 0.069 ETH mint price. The collection has already seen strong secondary trading volume. 

These "generative level" NFT games have some additional features highlighted on Monday as well:

  • The entire game is unchain, including the code and graphics
  • all owners are connected through a shared leaderboard
  • anyone can play any of the games/levels simply by clicking in to the NFTs, but only the owners can record high scores

The game NFT has already traded over 400 ETH on secondary and holds at 0.28 ETH floor.

Muri Heats Up Ahead of Public Sale

The Muri project by Haus had a great Monday, as it completed the second phase of its primary sale with the Allow List group able to mint at 50% of the public dutch auction price (0.15 ETH). Over 7k NFTs were minted in the allow list sale, and the project floor rallied from a low point of 0.4 ETH all the way back to 0.6 ETH (a 50% jump in mid-day trading) on ~1100 ETH secondary volume.

The good news for the Haus team didn't stop with the Muri project. Their mint pass, hausphases, was also up ~20% on the day to a 0.69 ETH floor, as more folks realized that holding the Haus pass allowed owners to mint Muri along with other projects before and in the pipeline. The hausphases have now traded over 8300 ETH in secondary volume and have 5100+ owners.

There are just ~800 NFTs left for the final phase of the primary sale today, the public sale which will take place at 3 PM EST, now back at the 0.3 ETH mint price. Given the current secondary floor, this is likely to be a gas war and rapid sell out.




gm NFTs March 15 | Market Movers, Gmoney's Brick Breakers and Muri Public Sale