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About goblintown.wtf

Goblintown.wtf is a collection of 10,000 goblin NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The project has no roadmap, no utility, nor any Discord planned for holders or the public. Goblintown.wtf is a CC0 project, which means that anyone has free rights to utilize the Goblintown.wtf artwork however they please. 

News Feed

The first 250 people who attended the Goblintown NFT NYC 2022 Afterparty with Steve Aoki and 250 raffle winners can claim their copy of “Piss on the Dance Floor,” the “Goblintown Anthem.”

Qualified users have until 1:30 a.m. ET on June 27 on the Truth Labs’ collaboration website to claim their free NFT

The floor is currently 0.345 ETH. 

Aoki-Produced Goblintown Song Drops

A fake Goblintown Twitter account attempting to scam users into claiming 1,000 free Goblin NFTs. 

Do not mint anything from any sites promising Goblin NFTs, which the team has already announced plans to raffle off to community members earlier this month.

Beware Goblintown Twitter Scam

Goblintown announced that it has partnered with Lee Kum Kee to release two burger sauces: "Goisin Sawss" and "Ol' Bill Swaggin's Sriracha Mayo."

The sauces are expected to be available at the Goblintown burger truck at NFT NYC and the project's official online merchandise shop.

ₑₑf yᵤ wₐₙₜ dₐ bᵤᵣgᵤᵣ ₜₒ ₜₐₑₛₜ bₑₜₜᵤᵣᵣ, wₑ ᵣₑₖᵤₘᵢₙd dₑₑₛ ₛₐwₛ," the team tweeted. "ₜₑₙₖ yᵤ Lee Kum Kee dₑₑₛ bₑ ₐᵥₑₗᵢbₗ fᵤᵣ ₜₐₑₛₜᵢₙ ₐₜ ₐₗₗ dₐ bᵤᵣgᵤᵣ ₜᵣᵤₖ ₗₒₖₐₛₕᵤₙₛ ₐₙ ᵢₙ dₐ ₘᵤᵣcₕ ₛₕₒₚ ₛₒₒₙ!"

Goblintown Releases 'Goisin Sawss' and 'Sriracha Mayo' Sauces

The Illuminati Collective warned holders to avoid interacting with a scam NFT being airdropped to wallets, in a Discord message Wednesday morning.

The scam “187” NFT can be safely moved to users’ hidden folders. 

The floor of the Illuminati Collective is up more than 230 percent to 0.73 ETH in the past 24 hours after it was announced that the project’s founders were also behind goblintown.wtf and that 1,000 Goblintown NFTs will be raffled off to holders of the Illuminati Collective and The 187.

Illuminati NFT Tells Holders to Avoid Scam Airdrop

Earlier this afternoon, goblintown.wtf announced that the project would be doxxing its team ahead of the events planned for NFT NYC.

Since then tweets have trickled in with team members revealing their true identities.

The market seems to be reacting poorly to this news as since the initial tweet the price of goblintown.wtf is down more than 34 percent with the expansion collection mcgoblin.wtf being down 23 percent.

goblintown.wtf Floor Falls After Team Dox


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