Build Your Own Goblin

Build Your Own Goblin
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Viral CC0 project released a file with all its goblin brand assets on Monday. 

The brand is encouraging others to take the components that make up all goblin NFTs and build a goblin, or goblin-like things of their own. 

Assets were shared in a single Figma file, allowing users to quickly find an attribute they like and export the component elsewhere. 

A text note in the file indicates that the team is hoping users will take from this, and "add to the world of goblintown in amusing, insightful ways." The note continues, suggesting that though the team cannot stop others from creating and selling goblintown merch with the assets, it was not the original intent and is generally frowned upon, suggesting the behavior makes "Mergan's babies cry." 

Want to mess around and add to goblintown? Make use of the goblintown Figma file


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