Goblintown "Baiting" Coming This Friday

Goblintown "Baiting" Coming This Friday
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Goblintown announced that its "baiting" mechanic will be released this Friday in a recent tweet.

Users must hold at least one of each of both a goblintown.wtf NFT and a mcgoblin.wtf NFT to be able to bait. 

When users use their "combo meal" for bait they will burn their mcgoblin.wtf in the process.

There is no requirement that users must participate in the baiting.

For holders who do not wish to partake in this event, the team stated "there will be other things for burgers in the future," hinting at future utlity if the holder decides not to burn the NFT now.

Amid all of the recent security issues in the NFT space, the team said they recommend user to use a hot wallet to burn their NFTs but noted a hardware wallet be will acceptable.

While it is currently unknown what burning the NFTs will grant participants, the window to do so will remain open until Aug 19.

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