Team Behind Goblintown NFT Collection Unveiled

Team Behind Goblintown NFT Collection Unveiled
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In a four-minute video posted to the official Twitter, the team behind the recent free mint, cc0 project was unveiled to be Truth Labs, creators of Illuminati Collective and The 187, previously established NFT projects. 

In the video, the team suggests that because of the overwhelming support of the goblins and the collection, they felt they could no longer remain anonymous ahead of calls for merchandise, events, and more. 

The video also reaffirms a few important points regarding goblintown and its free, cc0 foundations. The project will not have a roadmap, utility, nor an official Discord community, despite the unmasking of the previously anonymous team. 

On the mint day, 1,000 goblins from the collection were set aside as reserved NFTs. Truth Labs has now indicated that those 1,000 NFTs will be given away to the Illuminati Collective, The 187, the Illuminati DAO, as well as some members of the Truth Labs team who did not mint during the project's official launch. 

From the 1,000 goblins remaining, 50 will be offered to both the team and the Illuminati DAO. 

The remaining 900 NFTs will be raffled to community members from the aforementioned communities. Five goblin NFTs will be raffled each day for the next six months until all the remaining goblin NFTs have been given away. More details are expected to be shared after NFT NYC. 

The video concludes with details about goblintown's involvement at NFT NYC. 

A McGoblinburger truck will be cruising the streets of NFT with burgers, the team will be hanging with notable artist FEWOCiOUS, goblin holders will be able to attend the IlluminatiNFT event on June 21, followed by a midnight goblin party. The location of the goblin party will be tweeted five minutes prior to the party's start. 

For more information on NFT NYC Events, refer to our event guide

When building IlluminatiNFT, the team hoped to wreak havoc on the blockchain. Since minting for free, the NFT collection has done just that, leading volume rankings for weeks, and ballooning to a floor price above 4 ETH at the time of writing. 

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