Goblintown Co-Founder Will Reimburse Hack Victims

Goblintown Co-Founder Will Reimburse Hack Victims
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Goblintown and Truth Labs co-founder Alex Taub has provided a postmortem on the SIM-swapping attack that compromised his Twitter account this morning.

After gaining control of Taub's account, the attacker attempted to persuade Taub's followers to mint a scam egg NFT, later trolling them with a picture of a luxury watch perhaps signaling their success in duping the following. 

"In terms of those affected, I want to say I'm so sorry," said Taub, "And while I'm the victim here...I didn't lose anything besides a day of work and the trust of the people that follow me. There are people that lost ETH and NFTs because of something that came from my account." 

While he knows that members of the community were affected, Taub indicated he was not sure about the size and scale of the attack. While the process may take time, he added that he intends to reimburse any compromised party with adequate proof of being affected by the hacker. 

Were you affected by this hack? If so, you can message Taub on Twitter or directly on Discord (#ajt0001). 

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