Gangcoin Announces Delay

Gangcoin Announces Delay

Gangcoin updated its followers via Twitter on Tuesday regarding the launch of the $GANG token.

"Due to recent industry developments, GangCoin will launch when there is sufficient regulatory clarity," the tweet read. The token was originally set to be released sometime in 2022, and the team said that is not necessarily out of the question.

Horizen Labs and Fenwick West were working together on the launch of Gangcoin after the launch of Apecoin. Questions have been raised of new coins associated with NFTs after an investigation of Yuga Labs was announced earlier this month.


More about Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Cat Gang is a collection of 3,000 unique, randomly generated cat NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is set in a post-apocalyptic nondescript, crime-ridden city in the year 2050. Since its launch, the collection has gained a handful of companion species including Rats, Dogs, Pigeons, and Clones.

At the time of publish, the Gutter Cat Gang floor price sits at 2.3195 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 11 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 6 sharp wallets have sold 6 NFTs and 7 sharp wallets have bought 11 NFTs in the Gutter Cat Gang collection. Catch up on other recent Gutter Cat Gang news here.

Recent Gutter Cat Gang Sales

#1722sold at 12/08 1:12am for
#2834sold at 12/08 12:12am for
#631sold at 12/07 10:12pm for
#2613sold at 12/07 10:12pm for
#1503sold at 12/07 9:12pm for

Recent Gutter Cat Gang Listings

#1323listed at 12/08 3:12am for
#1021listed at 12/08 2:12am for
#1323listed at 12/08 2:12am for
#1323listed at 12/08 2:12am for
#2086listed at 12/08 1:12am for
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