GCG Formalizes LaMelo Ball Collab, Teases GutterMelo Sneaker

GCG Formalizes LaMelo Ball Collab, Teases GutterMelo Sneaker
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Gutter Cat Gang announced a collaboration with LaMelo Ball and PUMA, with LaMelo teasing an NFT activation for a Gutter Cat Melo sneaker.

The Deets

โ— Why It Matters

The collaboration with Gutter Cat Gang will perhaps be the first iteration of the MB.03 to debut, reinforcing the notion that owning an NFT related to an athlete will give the holder enhanced access and benefits.

The details are scant otherwise, particularly since the shoe hasn't been released. But LaMelo is working with a known Web3 brand in Gutter Cat Gang and is keen on making a splash with his signature sneaker later this month.

๐Ÿ”™ Back It Up

This collaboration isn't the first time LaMelo has rocked a GCG-themed shoe, as LaMelo wore a custom "Gutter Cat Gang" NFT Puma MB.01 in a game back in April 2022.

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Stay in the loop on drop details as they become available at guttermelo.com.

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