GCG Plots Its Path Forward

GCG Plots Its Path Forward
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After hosting the community focus group sessions, th Gutter Cat team aligned on eight unifying themes that summarized the majority of feedback:

  1. Increased marketing, messaging and communication
  2. Clarity around digital collectible membership tiers, future activations and the brand vision
  3. Reward loyalty and gamify the collector experience
  4. More lore, worldbuilding and storytelling
  5. Empower and amplify more creators within the community
  6. Pursue, and enable, IP licensing opportunities with the community
  7. Facilitate more networking, community meetups and sub-committees
  8. Make Gutter products more accessible through Web2 channels

Gutter Sub-Communities and Clubs

  • "Sub-communities under the Gutter umbrella have been one of the most inspiring bottom-up phenomena within the GCG ecosystem to date. Gutter Gainz, Gutter Picks, Puffer Gang, Tracksuit Gang and others have proven the power of connecting, supporting and creating (plus the memes are lit!). Supporting the creation of additional sub-communities was a recurring theme across the first sessions of the community focus groups, and we’re proud to officially announce that sub-communities will be a big part of the Gang’s future. Members will be able to create or join sub-communities, flex their membership on their Gutter profiles and receive access to exclusive channels within the Gutter Discord. We’re also hoping to see professional sub-communities for networking, location-based sub-communities for local events and meetups and other sub-communities that connect members with shared hobbies or interests."

Gutter Subdomains

  • "Thanks to the generosity of be3tboy.eth and feedback from several community members, we are implementing gcg.eth subdomains to all Gutter Cat holders in the coming weeks. In this respect, we’re following in the footsteps of the pcc.eth community and can’t wait to see Gutter Cat holders claim and flex their subdomains across the web3 space."

Community IP Licensing

  • "Exploring avenues that can better help Gutter members create value for and from their Gutter digital collectibles was a prominent topic during the first community focus group sessions, and the Gutter Labs team is working on rolling out features to the Gutter Collector Hub that facilitate the process for Gutter holders to license their IP more seamlessly. We also plan on licensing IP directly from the GCG community for select product launches this year, so stay tuned on how to submit a licensing application for your Gutter digital collectibles in the near future."

Gutter World Building and Lore

  • "The year is 2050. These four words were the genesis of everything that we have collectively built together to date from a story-telling lens (and the inspiration for countless spinoffs from other NFT projects in the space). The Gutter was born in lore, storytelling and world building and it’s something that we plan to incorporate more of into future Gutter activations. Expect some future activations to have a deeper lore component and more Gutter world images that you can pick a part for hours. Some shit is brewin' in Gutter City. Keep your eyes peeled for clues along the way."

Gamified Collector Ecosystem

  • "We received a lot of feedback around clarifying Gutter digital collectible membership tiers, including full sets and trilogies. We hear you and we’re happy to let you know that we have been cooking up a fun way to reward loyalty, gamify the collector experience and bring all of the Gutter collectibles together into one cohesive system of utility with Cats on top, then OGs, then Clones, with Full Sets and Trilogies acting as boosts to the gamified collector experience. More to come on this."

Website Feature Updates

  • "For the next few months, we’re shipping website UI/UX and feature updates that we believe incorporates a lot of the feedback we received during the community focus group sessions. Soon, members will be able to see their trilogies and full sets within their collector profiles, check whether OG’s have been cloned, zoom into different regions on the world map to see a closer view of where the Gutter community is based, connect with members with similar interests and professions, along with several updates to the Gutterboard that we think are pretty exciting."

Spring Brand Partnership

  • "Not much more to share here yet but we are super excited to announce more information as soon as this activation comes out of stealth mode. When the announcement is made, we can confidently say that you won’t miss it. In our opinion, this will be the biggest brand moment for Gutter IP to date and will help propel the brand forward and closer to mainstream adoption. We can’t wait to share more details on this soon and are beyond thankful for the partners involved who organically came together to make a Gutter dream become a reality."


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