New GCG Website Gamifies the Collector Experience

New GCG Website Gamifies the Collector Experience
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Gutter Cat Gang’s newly-launched website intends to reward collectors through gamification by serving “as the foundational infrastructure for [GCG] to build upon … the collector experience.”

Why It Matters: The new website is GCG’s latest attempt to motivate its community to be more active and engaged. Now, collectors can create and manage their profiles, see the top collectors in the ecosystem via the “Gutterboard”, download high-res images of Gutter NFTs, and interact with collection galleries. 

As the NFT landscape fizzles, projects must maintain the attention of their holders. By gamifying its collector experience, GCG likely hopes to strengthen its core holder base and introduce top collectors to its broader community. (context)

Take Action: Check out the new Gutter Cat Gang site here.

What People Are Saying: "Ok, yeah, this is cool. It's a whole bunch of things I was waiting for all at once," Ashley Boulter (Bolty) said on Twitter.

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