Gutter Cat Gang Releases Free Art Claim for Holders

Gutter Cat Gang Releases Free Art Claim for Holders
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Gutter Cat Gang released its most recent art drop for holders according to a post on its website earlier this evening. 

The team got Epic Thundercat, an artist who is well known for using her art as a medium to express her negative emotions, to create the piece.

All holders of a Gutter Cat, Dog, Pigeon, and Rat at the time of the snapshot earlier today will be able to claim the piece for free on the Gutter art website.

Gutter also partnered with her to do a one-of-one auction where users can bid to win the "Gutter Degen PFP Special" as well as the "Auction Winner Bonus Piece."

The window to mint the free Twitter banner NFT and to bid on the auction both come to a close tomorrow at 4:00 pm ET.

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