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A Collection of 10,420 Impostors Genesis Aliens NFTs. The Impostors Genesis Aliens represent the foundational NFT collection of the Impostors ecosystem, and serve as passes the Impostors Genesis Season which will play host to seven unique events. Only 10,420 Impostors Genesis Aliens will ever exist. Each Genesis Character has a combination of over 200 traits and will provide stat-based advantages in various metaverse game modes.

Impostors is a social gaming metaverse built in Unreal Engine that has been in production since early 2020. The team is composed of over 30 world-class engineers and builders with experience working at AAA studios including Epic Games, Roblox, Pixar, and more.

Impostors is a social gaming metaverse that bridges the gap between today’s Twitch culture and the future of immersive metaverses. The game is built in Unreal Engine and the team consists of over 30 world-class engineers and builders with experience working at AAA studios including Epic Games, Roblox, Pixar, and more. Impostors brings a breath of fresh air into the gaming and crypto world by creating a social gaming metaverse that is truly player-owned and powered.

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Impostors sent a "suspicious transmission" today on Twitter to announce that Cosmetics Chest NFT minting will start in four hours at 8 p.m. ET.

Cosmetics Chests will unlock items like backpacks and hats for certain characters. These NFTs will not have assigned galaxies nor power ratings. They're all the same until opened.

To mint a Cosmetics Chest, holders will need to have an Impostors Genesis Alien, Impostors Genesis UFO, Impostors Genesis Pet, Materials Box, and 1500 BLOOD, the project's native token.

Impostors Cosmetics Chest Minting in 4 Hours

Cosmetics Chest minting will go live on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET. Chests are the fifth major item on the Impostors Genesis Aliens roadmap. The chests will include loot to be used in the game. The team included a video of the announcement in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon.




Impostors Cosmetics Chest Minting Coming Thursday

Impostors Materials box mint is now live for holders with at least one Impostors Genesis, UFO, and Pet NFT as well as 1,500 $BLOOD, according to a tweet from the project.

Materials can be used for upgrading Pets, Land and UFOs, and “more,” according to a Discord announcement.

Impostors Materials Box Minting Launches

Impostors, the play-to-earn metaverse built in Unreal Engine, revealed one of its much-anticipated legendary 1-of-1 NFTs.

"Suspicious transmission," the project's tweet reads. "Did you hear that? It looks like something is glowing. We should check it out."

The glowing NFT, which has the Legendary: Light Magic trait, can be seen on OpenSea here.

The remaining nine Legendary creatures are yet to be revealed.

Impostors Reveal Legendary, Single-Edition Magic NFT

The legendary 1 of 1 NFTs from the Impostors Genesis Aliens collection will reveal on May 19 at 8 p.m. ET, according to a short video posted to the Impostors Twitter account. Only 1 of the 10 legendaries is currently listed for sale on OpenSea, at a price of 60 ETH. Six of these legendaries have sold for at least 30 ETH while in their unrevealed status.

Impostors Legendary 1/1 NFTs Will Reveal on Thursday


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